Why Not is a DJ & Producer from Bolzano, North Italy. He entered the global music scene in 2017 and spent the last years touring around Europe and playing shows at the world’s biggest clubs and festivals.

Over the years, Why Not has made his name synonymous with energetic sets that move musically in the genres between tech house and bass house. He pours his heart into every piece and has released music on labels like Loudkult and Enforce Records. Why Not’s productions are a big hit on major streaming platforms and have garnered over three million streams.

He has starred at multiple hit shows worldwide, including the Electric Love Festival in Austria, the Bootshaus Club (DJ Mag #Top5) in Cologne and the Noa Beach Club (DJ Mag #Top 50) at Zrce Beach in Croatia as well as the Crazy Castle Festival in Italy.

Since 2023 he has a monthly residency at Austria’s biggest nightclub „Praterdome – Vienna“ as well as in one of the top electronic clubs in Italy, the „Club Max“ in Brixen. Besides this, Why Not has done shows in Ibiza, Spain Swiss, Luxembourg – just to name a few.

He stars on a monthly radio show on Südtirol 1 – the leading German radio station in Italy and various American Radio Stations. Featured in multiple local and international music magazines, Why Not is an act who lives to entertain to help others transcend to a place free from the world’s worries.


Why Not & Clarees- Say My Name (Loudkult Records)

Why Not & Luis de Mark – I think I’m Okay (Enforce Records)

Gigo N Migo & Why Not – Waves (feat Terry) | Kardo Records

Why Not & Ducka Shan – Clap your Hands (Enforce Records)

Infinity, Firework, Freed from Desire & more Remix




Nothing better than being on tour with your best friends! 4 days, 3 countries, countless beers, sleepless nights- best days of my life

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